Running into the error, `The requested module 'expo-server-sdk' does not provide an export named 'Expo'`


I managed to work around this like so for now. Not sure what’s going on, but it will have to do.

I’m using my modules with import, (I feel like I should point this out, because in a previous project, I didn’t have this issue with require(..)) and Node keeps throwing the below error:

import { Expo } from 'expo-server-sdk';
SyntaxError: The requested module 'expo-server-sdk' does not provide an export named 'Expo'

What can be going on here?

Relevant code:

import { Expo } from 'expo-server-sdk';

export const sendNotification = async (newMessage) => {
  try {
      let expo = new Expo(); // <-- Would crash here.
. . .

If I import it like this intead,

import Expo from 'expo-server-sdk';

Then it would compile, but crash at let expo = new Expo() and throw the error,

TypeError: Expo is not a constructor

I took a look at the exports in the sdk, and it names exports.default = Expo, so I’m beyond confused as to why Node isn’t recognising it. Maybe I’m misunderstanding here, because VS Code sees it, and correctly auto-imports it as import { Expo } from 'expo-server-sdk';:

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