Expo has no exported member StoreReview

Hi. I am using Typescript and it says that Expo has no exported modules called StoreReview.

import { StoreReview } from 'expo';

and even trying to use this made my app crash. I then tried:

import * as Expo from "expo";

and then used Expo.StoreReview, which works. Is this correct, because if it is, https://docs.expo.io/versions/v32.0.0/sdk/storereview/ should be updated.

Hey @jacobarvidsson,

I would take a look in your node_modules folder and check the expo package for anything amiss. Also, what SDK version are you using?

I just created a snack and it seems to be working fine.


I am using version 32. When I search the index.d.ts file I also see nothing for StoreReview, so maybe it is just a missing type.

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