Requests are just pending

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: expo@40.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Web

I also posted on stackoverflow [ react native - Having multiple connections with expo in the same time - Stack Overflow ], but I kinda mistake the problem. I thought this may be cause expo connections but it’s not.

Sorry if I am being boring or something but I must explain a little about the application flow. I try to make a game with SSE Emitter. The game has four phases:

Join Game -> Lobby -> Answer -> Vote

, every time a phase is completed, the game will redirect all users on the next phase.

I will explain the problem in multiple cases:

First case: I have four chrome tabs all ran with expo start, all the request are fetching on the first three tabs, but on the last tab, the fetch is just pending (like I explained on Stack Overflow).

On the Join phase I have 8 requests needed to be accomplished for entering in the Lobby phase. On the last tab, the fetch is infinitely pending on the first request.
If I refresh one of the other tabs, the request instantly is completed, but the refreshed tab can’t enter in the lobby phase now.

Second case: I try running just two chrome tabs, I passed Join Game phase, Lobby phase, but when I am redirected to Answer phase, the first request are fetching on one tab, and on the another is just pending, the same behavior like earlier. In this moment… I don’t have any idea what is causing this…

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