Expo XDE taking too long to bundle and download JS

hey, @Expo @quinlanj and all the expo team out there

i’ve been working with react native for the past two months and been using expo for the past one month,
before one month, the work used to be very simple, i mean, the reloading of the code and viewing the changes in the Expo Client Android app were done very fast, but since the new update of the Expo Client App , its very slow and the app is continuously crashing

Even the app reloading , bundling the javascript and downloading it taking around 15 min each time we apply changes.

please look into it and do the needful by posting an update or so.

thank you

Hey @hmadugula. Make sure you are using either the --lan or --localhost option if the bundle downloading is taking a while.

I’m using a corporate network and my mobile device and my PC can’t be on a same network.
if LAN or localhost are to be used, above’s the requirement right?
Any other ways to do so?
thank you

You either need to be on the same network or use the tunnel. The tunnel is more likely to work but will always be slower.

One more thing is I have also addressed some other queries above about the update of the Expo Client App.
can you help with the cause of its continuous crashing?

You’ll need to be more specific. Can you give us crash logs or explain when it’s crashing?

when i scan the QR Code generated by Expo XDE, it says “Bundling Javascript bundle” then “Downloading Javascript Bundle” and after 100% then the app again restarts with the Expo Logo

No crash logs or any reports available.
thank you

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