Release channel for detached project in ExShell.plist for multiple environments

Hello, please could someone explain the flow when specifying the release channel for a detached app, to handle staging and production.

  • expo detach
  • update ExShell.plist with channel like this staging-v1
  • create archive in xcode
  • upload app to store
  • specify release for Testflight in iTunes Connect

I can then publish to this release channel using

exp publish --release-channel staging-v1

Now, what do I do when I want to release the same version to Production?
Do I have to update the channel key in ExShell.plist to production-v1 update the build number in Xcode and create a new Archive then upload to the store? Or is there an easier way where I don’t have to rebuild the app?

I understand I can promote a release to a new channel but my question is more about how I set the release channels per environment without having to build a new version of the app.


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Hi @patricklock. Yes, that process is correct. There’s not a way to change which channel a build uses after you compile it. The idea is that once you have a staging and production build of your app you can do several JS releases (and promote those from staging -> prod) without recompiling the apps.

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