React.useRef() return {"current": undefined} after eject managed to bare workflow

When i eject my project to bare workflow i got this error TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating ‘manifest scheme’)
I found where the problem is, the function React.useRef() return {“current”: undefined} on the bare version while on managed version React.useRef() work fine, i got a result.
i work on IOS simulator 13.2.

  const [isLoadingComplete, setLoadingComplete] = React.useState(false);
  const [initialNavigationState, setInitialNavigationState] = React.useState();
  const containerRef = React.useRef();
  const { getInitialState } = useLinking(containerRef);

This is code generated by managed workflow option on the expo init
Conternair Ref result is “{“current”: undefined}”

If someone got have any idea and if someone had the same issu.
ps: "When i eject, expo don’t ask me to choose to eject to ‘bare, expokit, or vanilla react native’ i got directly this