TypeError when running brand new bare project on iOS

I just created a new bare project with expo init, using the bare-minimum template under ‘bare’ workflow.

When I run yarn ios, I get the following error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘CameraManager.Type’).

The error mentions Camera.js, but there is no Camera.js to be found anywhere in the project directory. The project also does not require expo-camera or any other camera-related modules. I get this error when running both in the simulator using react-native run-ios and also when running on my device using Xcode directly.

This seems to be a larger issue with Expo bare projects. I created this new bare project referenced above because I was having issues getting a full app running in the bare workflow which was running successfully in the managed workflow. I needed to eject it in order to use IAP, but after ejecting I was getting these same TypeErrors (but regarding Constants.manifest.extra being null. Even though I wasn’t using expo-constants at all, and was not trying to access Constants.manifest.extra anywhere in the project).

I’m getting pretty frustrated with this and am so close to biting the bullet and just rebuilding this project in pure React Native.

Can anyone offer any help? Maybe it’s worth mentioning here that I’ve posted on this forum before regarding bugs, with zero response from the Expo team. If I can’t get any help I’m going to just leave Expo behind. I’m starting to wish I never used it at all tbh!