React Native Web - I get a slew of "Can't resolve" errors when starting the webpack bundler via 'expo start'

SDK: 46
Platform: Web

I’m running into the same issue that several other developers have documented:

Module not found: Can't resolve '../../Utilities/Platform'

[Web] Previous Expo 36 app Can't resolve '../Utilities/Platform'

opened Feb 5, 2020

jonathanstiansen jonathanstiansen

Expo Diagnostics ``` Expo CLI 3.11.7 environment info: System: …

Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘…/…/Utilities/Platform’

opened Feb 8, 2022

closed Feb 8, 2022

iboxgithub iboxgithub

incomplete issue: missing or invalid repro

Do you understand that any Expo CLI issues opened in the core Expo repositor…

None of these threads came to a resolution.

I see that there are no .web files in react-native, however this was working for me prior to this morning.

I imagine there’s some internal webpack config that’s supposed to be resolving these files?

NOTE: I posted this same issue back in April with no resolution.


Ok, I was able to solve the problem:

After running the “Debug in Exponent” launch target from VSCode (installed via React Native Tools), I noticed a line was added to app.json:

"entryPoint": ".vscode/exponentIndex.js"

Removing that line fixed my web build.

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