Fixing webpack.config.js for react-native-web (SDK 47)


I have an expo app which runs fine under Android and iOS. It used to also run under react-native-web, but since upgrading to Expo SDK 47, it fails at launched with console messages like:

Module not found: Can't resolve '../../Image/Image'

It appears to be erroneously looking for components in react-native instead of react-native-web. Any suggestions for why this would have stopped working in SDK 47? The project is using react-dom 18.1.0, react-native-web 0.18.9, and @expo/webpack-config 0.17.2.

I did find an article suggesting that I need to add a resolve section to webpack.config.js. However, it’s not clear how to wedge these changes into Expo’s webpack.config.

Any help would be appreciated.