React Native Scripts vs Expo Scripts

Hello everyone, I started using react native less than a day ago and I notice that create-react-native-app scripts are different from expo scripts and I am confused which scripts should I use.

When I create the app using expo init is different from create-react-native-app init and I can’t find which one should I use and the core differences from each other.

create-react-native-app lets you build a React Native app without any build configuration. This may sound familiar to you because Expo does this as well – when you create a project with XDE or exp you don’t have to deal with Xcode or Android Studio configuration files, it just works.

You can use XDE/exp on a create-react-native-app project.

So you need to decide on which you are working on.

EDIT: I see that you hablas español, yo tambien, si necesitas algun tipo de apoyo con Expo/React Native, puedes agregarme a Slack y podria aclararte lo que este a mi alcance.

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