React-native link is not working in expo

I have installed “react-native-asset-resize-to-base64” from And I am doing Installation (auto). on windows 10. After running react-native link react-native-asset-resize-to-base64 command it doing nothing. As I am expecting it will say something like linking is successful.

I am made this project using expo. please help me out. Thank you so much.

You may have to detach to use this library, see the documentation for that here:

@jimmylee Thanks for the reply, Do i need to write the native code for this? Actually I am new in react native and also I don’t know the native code.

Not every library is compatible with an Expo project, so if you want to use certain libraries you’ll have to detach. If you’re curious about which libraries you can use, check out

I did not found any working for me. basically I need to convert jpg file to base64. I really appreciate if you can suggest me any library that work in expo project.

Does this option in the ImagePicker API work for your needs?

Thanks for the reply!
BTW this is not what I needed. I was looking for the package who convert my JPG image to base64 data.
For now, I detached the app and using this package
and its working fine now.