Question about EAS build and EAS submit

Hi! I have some apps in production that need to add some features that will need a new binary like enabling notifications and adding some new deps like expo-updates or @react-native-community/netinfo.

If I publish new app version, with that breaking deps with EAS build and EAS submit, ¿will new JS boundles be availabe to older app versions?


  • App v1 wasn’t build with this deps, ie. notifications, expo-updates or @react-native-community/netinfo.
  • I publish App v2 using eas build and eas submit with notifications and expo-updates or @react-native-community/netinfo

Will App v1 get the new boundles of App v2? because that will definitely break App v1


hello! you may find this documentation page to be helpful: Runtime Versions - Expo Documentation

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Hi notbrent, that doc piece saved the day! just for the record, I solved it this way:

  • App v1 was built without runtimeVersion param set in app.json
  • I set runtimeVersion in app.json on development App v2 and added all breaking features (that needs a new binary)
  • Published changes with expo publish then the manifest URL changed from …/index.exp?sdkVersion=XX.XX.XX to …/index.exp?runtimeVersion=XX.XX.XX
  • Ran App v1 flawlessly, checked for updates but as runtimeVersion is in effect, no breaking changes got to hit App v1!

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