Push Notifications Key iOS

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version:35.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all):iOS

I have the following problem:
I have a native iOS project (which has nothing to do with my expo projects) for which I need the .p8 file to enable push notifications which is created once you register a new Key and which can be download only once.
Since I enabled push notifications for my expo projects (actually just one app but staging/prod versions of it) Expo created those two keys:

Unfortunately I cant create a new Key for push notif. because I have “reached the max allowed number of Keys for this service…”:

So I see only two ways how I can handle this problem:

  1. I somehow manage to get the .p8 file that was created for either one of the keys. Is that possible? if yes how?

  2. I revoke both keys and create a new one and I try to use this single key for my native project as well as the two Expo projects. But then I have to re-configure my expo projects somehow.

Id prefer the first option but what do you think?

PS: I saw a similar post like that but it wasnt clear to me how/from where he managed to download the .p8 file …

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push notification key is server side credential so it does not require to change anythin in your project.

You can download p8 file from expo using expo fetch:ios:certs, if you have p8 file configured in native project locally it should be in your keychain

Hi wkozyra,
thanks for the reply!
yeah I tried expo fetch:ios:certs but I get the message:

Dont know what to do from here on?

Ah i got it! was using wrong config!
Thx a lot mate

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You need to run that in expo project that has push notification set up already.
If this project have push notifications configured then:

  • make sure that you have latest expo-cli installed
  • check what is displayed expo credentials:manager

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