Failed to create Apple push key

My app doesn’t have a push notification at work, but when building the standalone app expo is asking to provide push notifications key. I entered “Let Expo handle it” but it failed midway. What could possibly gone wrong? I read somewhere that I need to use the same expo account. But I’m not quite sure what this means. Does it mean the expo account of the person who created the existing key in our Apple developer account or what?

This is what happened:

Hey @missxmtv, can you go to your apple developer portal and see if anything seems amiss. Sorry that the error message here isn’t very informative. If you have any extra, unused PNKs it might be worthwhile to delete them to clean things up.

You can also run the command expo credentials:manager to use the CLI to perform more fine-tuned actions.


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I found out i didn’t create a provisioning profile and that another dev have created an api key for another app. so all i needed to do was get the .p8 and certificate from her apart from the profile generation. Thanks though

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