Push notifications are not reaching the phone

Even with the “Push notification tool”, I do not see the notifications on all the phones I’m testing. It worked two days ago. Is there a break in service and where can I see that? When I send a notification with my server, I have a return ok. {“data”:[{“status”:“ok”,“id”:“860b3c16-ea25-48b4-a921-2cbbf6a313f5”}]}
Thanks for your help


Are you seeing any error message when using the push notification tool? If there’s been a problem sending the push notification, you might see more details in the receipt

Hi Charlie,
Unfortunately, i didn’t see any error message.
When i ask for the receipt, i receive a message with OK

curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST “https://exp.host/--/api/v2/push/getReceipts” -d '{

“ids”: [“16ecc0d7-0626-44dc-983b-c15a4797968f”]



And is this a standalone app, or does this happen in the Expo Client? Also iOS, Android, or both?

This happen in both ios and androïd with an app developed with the managed version…

Well, I’m ashamed but the mistake was entirely on my side … Sorry for the inconvenience.


What ended up being the cause? Just in case someone else searches around after finding themselves in a similar situation

Hi Charlie

You mean in case someone is as stupid as me? :slight_smile: the save code of the token had been commented. I understood that a new version of the application generated a new token. besides I wonder when and how I can delete the old.


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