Push JSON Without Notification

Hi is there a way to send a push notification the notification and just send the data?There must be mustn’t it?Because showing a notification is not what always you want to do on getting events!Maybe you’re writing something like Uber getting notification for every drivers gpu update doesn’t make any sense you have to get the update as data form and update the location of the driver on the map.So How do I get this to work?Thank you so much.

Personally, for the Uber scenario, I dont think push notifications is a good solution for updating driver locations on a map…I’d use a websocket connection for something like that.

Depending on what your exactly going for…websocket may be the best solution for your situation as well.

Websocket is great.I know but it needs a strong server doesn’t it?The only reason I use push notification is because I’m unaware of how much can the websocket handle.If it handles good.I don’t even need push notification like that.I’ve written my own version of push notification on websocket.If you could share some experience like how many users and how much data your server with its specifications (like ram and …) can handle it could be great.

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