Push notification question


I have a small question about the push notification system of expo.
I’m new to creating applications in native react and I wanted to create a small project to try this functionality.
So I added a little script in my app to get my user token (simple console.log to test). I checked that with the token I could send a notification via a postman request. All seems good! But I’m a little afraid for the rest.

What I would like is to make calls with a .net web application in order to send notifications to my users (in iOS and android).

However, the schema of the documentation makes me doubt.

I don’t understand why while the functionality is currently working I will need firebase if we already have a backend and a database?

Finally, I was also wondering something else. In order to operate the push system, I had to be logged into my expo account. How does it work in production?

Can you enlighten me on it? :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance

Hey @kabli,

Rather than try to explain things with broad brush strokes can you provide some specific concerns you have so that I can attempt to address them? We have numerous companies using Expo and the push notification service so that hopefully should provide some solace and give users confidence in the system.


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