Push API: Status ok, but message not received on device when downloaded from app store

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  1. SDK Version: 4.7.3
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Hello friends!
I’m rather stumped by an issue I’m having with the Push API. In short, it works on expo-go, the expo tokens work on the Push API tool, but it does NOT work when I run it on my app downloaded from the google play store. When I check the push receipts for errors I get “status”: “ok”. Lastly I have push notifications enabled for my app on my phone.

As far as I can tell, everything seems in order, yet I do not receive the notifications on my phone. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, and I’m willing to post any code or information to aid in diagnosis.

Thanks all!

The only time this happened to me is when the device / Expo token was old. Try to uninstall then install the app again (to be sure that you are using the right token) and see if it works.

Another thing, is FCM enabled in your firebase project? Did u create an API on Google cloud platform console that is restricted to Android apps?

That’s the checklist that I always verify. Hope this can help.

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Is the token old? I can say confidently that it is not. I’ve been manually removing any old expo tokens (or any expo tokens generated from expo go) from our database.

Try to uninstall/reinstall the app: no luck on this.

Firebase stuff: This is where I think our issue is, mostly because it is the area I understand the least. I will look into if FCM is enabled for the firebase project right now and post back with results shortly. I will also look into the API on cloud platform consol restricted to android apps.

Once again, thank you for being legendary =D

You’re welcome. Make sure you create Android app in firebase and download the google-services.json and let the API in that json file be the one you have to restrict. It’s created automatically by firebase.

Good luck.

I notice that the API key in my google-services.json does not match the API key generated on the google cloud services credentials page. Does this imply that the two projects are not ‘connected’ ?

So in my case, the solution was that I needed to “upgrade the project to the BLAZE plan”.

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