Android devices don't receive push notifications

Hi, everyone:

I would like someone put me in the right direction. I have follow all the steps in the next link for pushing notification in my build expo app : Using FCM for Push Notifications - Expo Documentation, but I’m unable to my Android clients receive the notifications.

After reading a lot of articles, I had checked many times configurations, but nothing happens. It is frustrating.

My SDK Version: 42.

Any help will be appreciated.


Hey @victorglez, can you detail how you are delivering your notifications? As well, what device(s) you have tested on? If you haven’t tried already, we have a tool you can test delivery with.


Thank you for replying. Actually the problems are not sending notifications, because the first step that is collect the token don’t works. It very weird, because in iOS works perfectly.

I am testing to collect the token in three different Android device from people I know, but my app is already in production. Mine is Android 8.0.0, but the others are 9 and 10.

Using the tool provided works perfectly in development mode, but in production is a headache. I had follow step by step the guideline. My app is also register in Firebase, but that hasn’t any sense for me, because I told before the token is not collecting on Android.

I really appreciate your help. I can provide more information, just let me know. Cheers.

Finally I got the error: Fetching the token failed FIS_AUTH_ERROR. Now, when I try to search for that error, here in Expo Forum, It seems that Expo team fix it manually. Could you confirm me?

Hi there, I continous searching and I realise of a potencial problem: I had two pair of “signing keys”, one manage by Expo and the other by Google, in others words, my builds credentials in Expo are not the same that appear in App integrity in Google. It could be the problem? I so, I will appreciate if some one put me in the right direction… Cheers.

The solution was using another Google Account. Problem was Firebase wasn’t creating the autogenerated key in GCP. Thank you for the time.

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