Proximity sensor and Ear Speaker (Features)

Hi guys!

I come from developing some applications with react-native and I think that Expo fantastic, so I want to do my next project with it.

My problem is that I need to use the proximity sensor of the phones for play audio from the ear speaker. Like audios in whatsapp or telegram, that when we proximity the phone to the ear, the main speaker stop and sound the earspeaker.

I thinks that is not posibble with Expo, because i miss both:

  • Use of proximity sensor
  • Use of ear speaker

Does anyone know if these 2 characteristics are in the roadmap for the next versions?

Both of these aren’t on the near roadmap, just to set expectations. As a very rough guess, we’d probably have proximity sensor support before speaker selection since the former is much smaller in scope and complexity.


Is there any news on this topic?
Proximity sensor would be an amazing addition to expo-sensors.


I tried to start something over here Proximity Sensor by pvinis · Pull Request #12489 · expo/expo · GitHub

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