Speech via device speakers

Hello there!

First thing first, Expo is amazing. I love it so much.
I’m using the native Speech module on iOS and I’m having some issues with it. I can only hear the sound when I plug in earphones or connect to a Bluetooth speaker. is there a way to make the speech sound play via the iphone speakers? Couldn’t find any documentation on it.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @danielblast,

Thanks for your words of support! Glad you are enjoying building with Expo. Can you throw your code into a Snack so I can test it on my end? Also, you may want to look at the setting the audio mode via the Audio API: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v31.0.0/sdk/audio#expoaudiosetaudiomodeasyncmode



Yes figured it out! My phone was on silent! The link you sent was helpful because I saw that the option playsInSilentModeIOS is false by default

Thanks so much! Happy new year

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Awesome. Glad we got to the bottom of it! Same to you!

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