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We have experienced weird behavior from the push notifications starting sometimes late last week. Our users have begun receiving notifications not destined to their devices, and we have received many reports of similar cases.

We have checked our codebase and logs and nothing seem to have changed, be it for the recent setup of notifications with FCM. We are using exponent-server-sdk-php on a Laravel project to send notifications.

It seems the tokens are targeting more than one device. We were looking to know if their was any known issues with the expo notifications API, as there are many things changing day by day like the inclusion of FCM.

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Hey @ferenax,

This is certainly odd. I’ve pinged about this internally but one thing of note is that exponent-server-sdk-php is maintained by the community so we may not be best suited to diagnose the issue. Either I or another Expo team member will follow up when we have more information.



There haven’t been any changes to FCM recently. The way the database is set up, each Expo push token corresponds to exactly one device.

Do note that when you switch from GCM to FCM you’ll get new Expo push tokens, so you may want to stop sending notifications to devices whose tokens you got when you were using GCM.

I have a similar problem. there are multiple notifications appearing for users , i have checked the logs everything, doesn’t seem to be a problem at our end.

I’m using the official node package for expo push notifications.

Hey guys, we have managed to pinpoint the culprit here, it had to do with the “unique identifier” which was not really unique in our case (it is related maily to exponent-server-sdk-php, but could be valid for push notifications API in general) :

We were looping through our users devices and attaching identifiers from 0 to n to each token.

So when we were sending notifications to multiple users, their devices ended up having mostly id “0” attached to their token. This was working fine until sometimes at the end of last week where it started instead mixing up notifications between users and our users ended up having dozens of notifications at each time. My guess is since the notification API transitioned from synchronous to asynchronous, ids now must be really unique or it ends up in a mix up like what happened on our app.

harisvsulaiman Hope this helps you or somebody in the same situation !

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