Push Notification - The recipient device is not registered with FCM

Hello, I tried to push notification from my backend. When the program tries to push to multiple user by itteration, it returns error in my backend.

I’m using PHP SDK for Push notification from here https://github.com/Alymosul/exponent-server-sdk-php, and my PHP uses version 7.x

I tried to open an issues on the project, but the project owner directs me to open the issue in Expo. I have no idea how to handle this. Thank you


The key piece of info here is the message- The recipient device is not registered with FCM

Have you already configured your app for FCM? You’ll have to submit a new APK after doing so

Hey, thank you for the answer. I forgot to do the FCM step for Android. I just put all the configuration needed for my app, and run expo:build, then publish the new build to the App Store. All clear.

The thing is, what if the device is still using the previous version of the app where the google-service.json is not there? Will it return errors?

Thank you

Yes, your users will need to update their app

Thanks for the answer. Really appreciate your help :slight_smile:


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