Problem loading the "requested app" / Could not load...


first time using Expo, trying to get the example project going, with not success unfortunately. I have searched for a few hours to find a solution, all the proposed fixes did not work for me.

Gitbash after exp start --tunnel command:
Error on iPhone 7 Plus:

PC and phone are in same Wifi network. Network Profile on PC (Windows 10) is set to “Private”.

I have tried a lot of things, e.g. exp start --dev --lan - same error, could not load.
I have also changed the IPv4 interface metric to 10, did not work.

What else could I try?

Thanks and all the best,

Try navigating to the same address on the device you aren’t able to connect
(if the phone says “Could not connect to exp://XXXX” open http://XXXX in safari)

You might try using as well, which can avoid a lot of machine / network configuration issues

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