Payments on iOS + Expo Push Notifications


I want to implement Expo Push Notifications and Payments on my app. But it seems that Expo Push Notifications does not work when the app is detached. Mine is not detached yet, but it looks like I will have to detach to use Payments on iOS.

I’m using Parse Server. What do you suggest ? Should I go with notifications with Parse and detach ? Will Payment on iOS soon be available without detaching ?

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Hey @alexjamin! No immediate plans for payments on iOS without detaching. Probably makes sense to detach and then use your own push notifications.

Hey @jesse ! Thanks for your answer!

Payments should really be Expo’s team top priority. What’s the point to use Expo (which is awesome!) if we can’t monetize our apps ?

Big thanks for the amazing work you’re doing. :smiley:

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hum … after searching, what about using @jesse ? Is it still maintained by Expo team ? I just want to allow my users to pay with Stripe (I’m selling tennis courts). What solutions do I have for payments with Stripe if I don’t won’t to detach ?
Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile:

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