OTA updates to older builds

I’m using expo publish to push OTA updates, but I’m not exactly sure how they work with older builds.

Let’s say I have builds 1, 2 and 3.
In build 3 I’ve installed a new library and I’m importing it in a file X. After that I make some change, and then I run expo publish, will then builds 1 and 2, get those changes including the importing of that library in file X and thus crashing the app since the changes in the native files required for that library to run are not available ?

Hey @georgipavlov, I’d recommend reading our docs guide regarding publishing updates.

Yeah I’ve read them multiple times, but I still can’t find an answer to my question…

the flow chart from that page is relevant. if your old builds use the same sdk version and are on the same release channel, they will get an update. if you use runtimeVersion, then that will be used instead of sdk version

Thank you, I understand. And additional question, to set a runtime version on bare workflow project, can I use "runtimeVersion": { "policy": "nativeVersion" } inside app.json or I need to set them manually inside AndroidManifest and Expo.plist ?

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