OTA Updates stopped working

Over The Air updates stopped loading on my app after upgrading from Expo SDK 27 to 29. The app works fine on my simulator and the published app loads through the expo app on my phone, it just appears that the OTA updates aren’t being received or loaded by both Android and iOS. Is there a backlog/delay at the moment or another issue causing this?

Hi @alex17!

OTA updates work only on the same version of SDK. So, if your native app has been built when SDK 27 was the newest one, it contains SDKs 21–27 (or sth like that). If you update your JS app to SDK 29 and publish, native app without SDK 29 won’t fetch and run the updated app, it knows it has no native code for that.

Is it possible that this information sheds some light on the issue? :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is the solution for this? Do I need to upload a new app to the app store every time I update SDK from now on?

Thanks Sjchmiela! I think I’ll roll back to SDK 27 for now

Yes, sir! Usually most of the changes introduced in a new SDK are on the native side and since it’s not possible to update native code over-the-air… :wink:

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