Is OTA updates on iOS broken?

Today I updated to the v27 SDK and made a few more tweaks to the JS in my app. I built a new standalone bundle (iOS and Android) and released to the app stores as beta/testflight update. Android is fine and has all the new code, however iOS just won’t get the latest JS updates at all. I’ve been restarting the app all day and i’ve tried pushing up more updates since, but it just won’t take.

Since there’s a bunch of problems on the iOS builds it seems at the moment i’m wondering if OTA updates are not working as well?

I noticed the same thing happened when I updated to v26 also so if there’s no current issue, is there some kind of ‘wait’ time on new iOS bundles before they pull updates instead?

Oh I see…is it because exp build:ios is not working for sdk27 yet? So my build is still actually just sdk26 in iOS but 27 on android? And therefore any JS updates won’t apply because the sdk versions don’t match?

Just strange that I thought if build:ios wasn’t working there would be an error rather than just carrying on with 26 instead?

Hi @markos! We deployed the SDK 27 builders for iOS this morning, so you are correct that the builders weren’t updated when you built. Sorry about that. We should do a better job of throwing an error, this was a weird situation because TestFlight was down last week and we decide to release the rest of the SDK without pushing out the new version of the iOS builders.

Thank you @jesse! I’ve re-built my app today and iOS is all working for me now with the latest code.

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Great! Sorry about the issue.

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