If you exp publish, new App Store downloads get the old version, and have to restart to get the new one

As said in the title, I just tested this with my sister and her friend, the latest exp publish build is no automatically downloaded when somebody grabs the app off the iOS store - how can I make it download the latest version immediately?

Hey there @armatav - sorry this is confusing. The behavior you’re seeing is probably because the app needs to launch something immediately, so it loads the bundled JS (which the user sees) while it downloads the new version in the background. If you swipe closed and re-open the app, it should show the newest published version. Currently, the only way around this is to actually submit a new build to the App Store & get it approved by Apple again.

We’re in the middle of an overhaul to the OTA update process – when SDK 26 comes out soon, there will be a few more options in app.json to give you more control, and the behavior you want (checking for an update before loading the bundled JS) should be the default. Let us know if you’re still having seeing this issue after then.

Hope this helps!


Alright, I sent out a new build, I’ll see if it rectifies itself - the major issue isn’t really that it needs to be closed and reopened, but that newer installs actually get the older version, and then need to be told to close and reopen right after installing which is counter intuitive - but I totally get what you’re saying.

Looking forward to 26. :smiley:

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