Orientation being ignored on Play Console upload

I’ve uploaded a React Native app built in via Expo. And I’ve set it to portrait mode only:

  "expo": {
    "orientation": "portrait",
    ... other settings

But when I upload the app-bundle to the PLayConsole it lists the app with both orientations under features:

2 features: android.hardware.screen.landscape,

I cannot identify a reason for this setting being ignored.

Hey @sja_digitalcomms,

To clarify, does the app actually allow users to switch to landscape mode or is it just listed in the Play Store?


hi Adam, it’s listed with these features when you log into the developer portal of the Play Console, under App Releases > Android App Bundles in this release > Features.

We can’t review the actual app until it’s ready (currently around 7+ days apparently) so would rather not find out something was wrong after that wait,

The app when run locally inside the Expo dev env is locked to portrait.

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