Android Orientation not fixed on react-native-screens that comes with SDK 41.

On SDK 41 Managed,

I’m having this issue:

However, I’ve tried all the fixes that has worked for other people, but when I try to use the fork, it doesn’t fix it for me.

Is that bc I’m on managed? How can I get createNativeStackNavigator to fix the orientation to portrait on Android. Things work fine on iOS. I have the “orientation” in app.json which works (and worked before).

This all started happening after I’ve upgraded to SDK 41 with react-navigation and react-native-screens using createNativeStackNavigator.

@charliecruzan - any ideas?

I filed a ticket here:

As was mentioned in that issue you created- to change library versions of native dependencies, or add your own, you’ll need to use EAS Build (or wait for the Expo SDK to have whatever fix you’re waiting on from react-native-screens integrated into it)

For the changes in that issue on react-native-screens, you can use either patch package or something similar (doesn’t look like a config plugin is necessary- that’s more for project meta-data changes like in your info.plist, androidmanifest.xml, etc)

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I don’t really need to use patch-package though. I can just fork, make the change and build with EAS and should be good right?

yeah, forking is quite a bit more work to do and maintain tho

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