Screen Rotation after building

Hi. First, sorry for my english.

I got a big problem, when I’m using expo start for develop my application, my differents screens are responsive (Especially footer bar, content and header…) but when I build the App using expo build:android or expo build:ios, it’s keeping responsive but I think the App is setting fixed values. For example, if I rotate the screen from Portrait to Landscape, the footer is going to disappear and I can’t scroll the content like in the “debug” mode.

Changing orientation in debug mode :

Someone got an idea from where it could come from ? Thanks!:face_with_thermometer:

Changing orientation after building app :

Hey @koust- I’ve responded to you on the issue you created on Github, so we’ll continue the conversation over there :+1:

Hi. Any update maybe? Someone else has this case. I can’t find a solution, maybe it’s because I use footer from Native-Base ?

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