Offline support (images) detached app (ExpoKit)

Hi guys,

I’ve been working with Expo for a while and it’s been great until we had to detach to ExpoKit because we needed in-app purchase support.

The problem we are facing is being able to load images from the app (included in the binary) rather than Expos CDN. Since we have quite a lot of high quality images (almost 200 MB) we want the users to be able to download them with the binary directly.

The docs advise to use “assetBundlePatterns”:

in order to specify which assets not to download, but it says that it’s not available for detached projects.

I’ve tried to, for example, to adds them under “rnpm”: { “assets”:… in package.json, then use [use ‘react-native link’, but it doesn’t seem to work. The images are not available without an internet connection and are downloaded from Expo.

Is there anything I can do to make them available offline or do I have to wait until this functionality will be available or maybe I have to just eject the project?


@koslo could you solve this problem? I am in the same situation and I have no idea how to solve it!

Hope someone could help me!


No, unfortunately I couldn’t. Therefore we decided not to use Expo anymore. It’s a pitty though.

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