Are all assets bundled when building/detaching an app?

I came across this feature request on your site and know I’m a little worried about using Expo for my project. I’m not quite sure if I understand it correctly, but is it true that not all of the data/assets my app needs are bundled into my apk/ipa file and parts of it need to be loaded from your cloud service? Or is this only the case, when I open my app through the Expo app (which would be ok)? It would be crucial for me to know if all my apps data actually lives inside of my app when I build or detach it, to guarantee the long-term life of my app. It would be great if someone could clarify this for me.

We haven’t implemented this yet, but it’s on our short term roadmap. One thing you can do is to upload any assets you have to a separate service that you control (your own S3 bucket for example), and then your standalone app would continue to function without our servers being online.

Thanks a lot for the reply. Good to know it’s on your roadmap and I can continue using your awesome framework! :smile:
How would you wire up custom asset delivery services inside ones app, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just curious.

I think it’d be pretty complex, to be honest. We use a babel plugin to find which assets to upload to S3/Cloudfront, and then we rewrite the URLs to match the uploaded assets.

Glad this is on Roadmap. Using S3 bucket won’t solve the offline problem. If the app starts without connection it won’t be able to connect to S3 or anything else.
Hope to see this soon enough.