Notifications suddenly stopped working (InvalidCredentials - Failed to authenticate with the FCM server)

I’ve changed the key thinking my token expired because of the error message. Now I cannot upload a new token

In our project the keys stay the same too.


We’ve found the root-cause, I’ll post again here once the fix has been rolled out to production

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We have just pushed out a fix for this. Let me know if you are still running into the issue

Sorry everyone for the outage, and we really can’t thank you all enough- both for your patience and especially for bringing it to our attention so quickly. It’s really helpful to have such a proactive community

Again- we’re really sorry for the inconvenience this caused everyone. You’ve all put a lot of trust in Expo, and we try our best to make sure that trust is well-placed, and that our services rarely, if ever, have hiccups like this.

Please comment here and @ mention me if you are still seeing this issue


@charliecruzan still seeing the issue I’m afraid. eg ExponentPushToken[yDNkQ0K1VoZgHaU22j1VID]

I’m still seeing this issue as well. I don’t see any improvement yet :slightly_smiling_face: @charliecruzan

Same thing here. InvalidCredentials issue is still happening.
It did let me upload the api-key without throwing an error though.

ty expo team <3

Same issue still happening.

Still having issue. For eg. expo token: ExponentPushToken[ezgXz-NhpDPh7iGXu1b7Mb]

FCM Notification credentials fix is on its way, I will update here once it lands in production


Looks like i started having the issue when they rolled out the “fix”


The fix for the issue causing the INVALID_CREDENTIALS response from FCM has landed in production. Tested this personally and FCM notifications seem to be working appropriately, but once again if you’re still seeing the issue, please comment and @ mention me


Omg it works amazing. I’ve built a festival app and the festival happens tomorrow fair to say that was a hairy couple of hours!!


Working for me, thanks :slight_smile:


You did it! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Works for me too.
Any reason it doesn’t say anything about this incident on the status page?

It seems to be working for us. Thank you so much !

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