Notification does not appear when application is closed

When I send notification through the Expo dashboard site, the notification comes even if the application is closed. But I do not post notification from the application with axios. It only comes when the app is open. Could it not be working because I didn’t open the application?
        to: notifyToken,
        sound: 'default',
        title: 'Yeni Bildirim',
        body: 'Seni bekleyen toplam ' + notifyCount + ' okunmamış bildirim var',
        _contentAvailable: true
    { headers : { accept: 'application/json', 'content-type': 'application/json' }})
    .then((res) => {
    .catch((err) => {

Hi @gundogduyakici- the notification receipt should have more information on the error, if you take a look at that

Is this on Android or iOS? And is it a standalone app or in the Expo client?

Yes @charliecruzan Expo Client not apk.

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