Not able to give update for standalone app.

I have developed a simple application for a class. It works totally fine. Now I have another client, who want the exact same application for his class also. So I have changed the styles and package name, version codes, google-services.json file, etc. In expo start, the second app also works fine.

I have used the channels for building the standalone apps. But now I came across the problem that, when I build the app with ‘–release-channel and --no-publish’, it builds successfully and generates the .apk file. When I download the .apk file and installed on my mobile, it is not showing the changes made in that app, instead it is showing old app.

I have built the same app for the same channel without ‘–no-publish’, it gets published and app works fine. Now there is no point in deploying that update on Google play store as the changes are already present in the app without updating it. I don’t want to publish the app from expo.

Is there any way to do this without OTA ?

Hey @gangadharswami,

If I’m following this correctly, you’ll also want to use a different slug value in your app.json so that the two projects have different production JS bundle urls. The URLs take into account the expo account username and the slug value.

You can disable OTA updates by setting it to false in app.json but you’ll need to publish at least once when building a binary for the first time so that the app has something to fetch. You can also self-host if you want to.


Thanks @adamjnav,
This helped me a lot. But I have a query,

If I published for the first time and then I build the update for the app without publishing, will the update fetch the previous binary ?

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