Non-interactive iOS build returns error: "Failed to set up credentials"


I’m using managed workflow and eas-cli v3.6.1.

When I try to build my application for iOS in non-interactive mode like this:
eas build -p ios --profile preview --local --non-interactive

I’m getting the following error:

✔ Using remote iOS credentials (Expo server)

Failed to set up credentials.
    Error: You're in non-interactive mode. EAS CLI couldn't find any credentials suitable for internal 
    distribution. Run this command again in interactive mode.

I am able to successfully build my app for iOS in interactive mode and for Android both in interactive and non-interactive. We have the app store credentials stored in our Expo account.

I need the non-interactive mode to set up my CICD workflow.

This is what my preview profile looks like in my eas.json:

"preview": {
  "distribution": "internal",
  "ios": {
    "resourceClass": "m1-medium",
    "credentialsSource": "remote"
  "android": {
    "env": {
  "channel": "preview"

Any help with this would be very much appreciated!


hi toby,

you’ll need to ensure that you have also run an interactive build for that same build profile. credentials are different between internal distribution and store distribution