Automatic credentials in non interactive mode

Hi there,

I can see that EAS supports automatically managed credentials and will create them for you if you wish when you first run eas build

My question is whether it is possible to get eas build to create these credentials in non-interactive mode i.e. somehow provide the go ahead it usually asks for when running the command in interactive mode?


Simon Blake

In your post, please share:

  • Managed workflow
  • latest EAS-CLI

On Android it’s intentionally enforced to do it interactively because we want users to be aware that a new keystore is generated. Unless you are creating a totally new Play Store app that was never uploaded before, keystore generated by eas will not be accepted when submitting it to the store. In a lot of cases users need to provide an existing Keystore, instead of using the generated one, but if users are not aware of that they may delete old keystore, before they realize that.

On iOS you need to login to apple account, so there is no way to do that non-interactive way.

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Thanks for the quick response. Ok, so it’s not currently possible.