New Apple regulations - incorrect bundle name / identifier ?

My app is available in app store since June, and unfortunatelly the name of the app is ‘myapp-beta’.

After new Apple regulations, i tried to upload new version of my app to the app store connect.

Version is rejected due to the use of the word ‘beta’

"Your app contains references to test, trial, demo, beta, pre-release or other incomplete content.
Specifically, your app contains beta references."

popup rejected

I have renamed my app in app store connect, and edited the name of the app everywhere is code.

In app.json I have renamed name and slug, but i can’t change bundleIdentifier (com.myapp.myapp-beta), because if i change it, i cannot upload my app to app store connect
(error : No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier ‘com.myapp.myapp’ is correct.

Probably i have to change App Name in bundle general informations (like on screen below) but i don’t know how to try this solution.
Can any1 help me?? :frowning:

I’m pretty sure as long as you change the user-facing “beta” references you should be good. Have you tried to resubmit after doing so?

Thanks for answer!

Yes, I have tried to do that multiple times and it’s not working, but i have probably found the source of problem.

In App Store Connect, I have changed Name of the app, and there is information like on screen below

And here we go

  1. New name of the app need to be reviewed.
  2. To start review I need to upload the new bundle.
  3. While reviewing the new bundle, Apple algorithms are still using old app name from app store connect (myapp-beta)
  4. Rejected (Look at acreenshot in my first post in this topic)

I have send pm to apple team… hope they will find a solution

Hopefully they can provide some assistance and insight. Keep us updated.

Hey Adam!

Problem is solved. It was an issue in App Store Connect review system. It worked exactly as I described above.
They have accepted my build manualy and probably gonna fix this for the future.


Happy to hear you got unblocked. Good luck with your app moving forward!

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