Bundle ID you entered has already been used

I am attempting to upload an ipa to the appstore, but I keep getting this error:

[17:54:24] Failed to upload the standalone app to the app store.
[17:54:24] The Bundle ID you entered has already been used. The Bundle ID you entered has already been used.

I’ve tried putting these in my app.json file under expo > ios > bundleIdentifier:

1: nl.mycomshortname.myappname
2: com.mycomshortname.myappname
3: nl.mycompanylongname.myappname

A developer on my team started creating an app with the first id manually in the appstore connect interface, and cancelled that halfway. It is not present in the list of apps so I found the error a little odd.

So then I tried bundle ids 2 and 3, and I still get the same error.

I am using the expo cli v 2.8.0. Any idea what might be going wrong? This is the first time I’m doing this, but this seems very weird. Or could it be that you really can use the last part of the id only once? That would mean I can’t use “myappname” anymore because its id is somewhere in limbo?

I have now, in a desperate attempt, also changed the appname in the bundle identifier… same error :disappointed:

So now I’m really out of ideas. I hope not all bundle ids have been wasted by my attempts.

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