Navigation + Tabbed + Stacked + Modal Window Fullscreen

Hello friends,
Please have a look [complex-app]
Here is the flow of the app

Splash Screen -> Check Authentication -> Sign In Or Sign Up Screen -> other wise Home Screen with tabs and header -> then Modal Screen to show camera!

After doing lots of changes I am stuck here, need help what’s wrong or I miss here. thanks!

Hi webloper-

I’m not sure I understand your question. I don’t see any errors using your app, although most stuff seems like placeholders for now.

Can you explain more what you are trying to do or what isn’t working?

@webloper You probably want to start with a createSwitchNavigator, which is a new navigator option. Docs here:

That’s the most complicated part. The other thing is you will probably want the modal to be higher up than the tabs, maybe the root navigator (under the switch, anyway). Make sense? Like this:

  • Switch
    • AuthNavigator
      • SignIn
      • SignUp
    • ModalNavigator (main app navigator)
      • StackNavigator (for other normal screens)
        • TabNavigator
      • Camera

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