How to navigate to screen that isn't in tab navigator?

Hello, I used expo with default tab navigation and I understand how can I add more screens in bottom tab navigation. The thing I don’t understand is how can I navigate to a screen that isn’t in tab navigation?

You’ll need to have more than one navigator, with one nested in the other. I typically have a top (or at least a higher level) StackNavigator, then the TabNavigator is the default route within the StackNavigator. So, the tabs show up first, but then I can push another screen entirely over the tabs via the StackNavigator.

While not made expressly for this purpose, here is an example I’ve used in a presentation that has several layers of navigation: You can follow through and find a top level SwitchNavigator for swapping between logged in/ logged out states, then a StackNavigator that defaults to tabs, and a child screen that gets pushed over the tabs. This is close to the kind of navigation I typically have in a full-featured app. The one difference is that my actual apps also add another StackNavigator for employing this pattern ( for displaying modals.

Thank you so much, your answer really helped me :slight_smile:

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