Make a "tuto" / "registration" before the user can actually use the App

Hi! This is my first topic here, for my first Expo (and RN) app, and english isn’t my mother tongue (I am Français fromage baguette) so I might say some unintelligible crap :')

I would like to create a TabNavigator based app. No problem, I picked “tabbed app” during the “expo init” command. BUT, I also want my users to get through some sort of “registration” process before they can access the App. A set of screens like “Hey, tell me more about you”, “Provide your email adress” etc.

But I want this process to be without any tabs or header, so I created a simple App Navigator that I named “LaunchNavigator”. At the end of this process, I want the App to set the value of a local storage key to true, so the App never ask the user some blabla about itself again.

In order to do that, I wrote something like this in my App.js:

(this is a simplified version of my code)

if (!isInitDone) {
    return (
        <LaunchNavigator/> // "Hey, who are you ?"
} else {
    return (
        <AppNavigator/> // (with tabs and header)

I coded all the “registration” process, it works pretty well, it’s smooth and beautiful, but I have no idea of how to “kill” my LaunchNavigator to render my AppNavigator when the process is finished (without closing and re-opening the app obviously). So I googled “How to fully reload an Expo App”, and “How to access Expo root component”, and it seems that the answer is always: Do, Not, Do, That, Ever.

So I’m here to ask you: how do I do to have two differents… “navigation workflows” (?) within the same Expo app? And how to switch between one another?

Thank you very much, Expo community!

The SwitchNavigator was made exactly for this purpose:

You can nest navigators in other navigators, so you can put a StackNavigator for your registration workflow in one route of the SwitchNavigator, while putting your logged-in TabNavigator in another route.

Like @llamaluvr says, use the SwitchNavigator .

react-navigation has a guide showing you exactly how to do this on their documentation site. Here’s is a link to that guide: Redirecting to

Here’s a link to a runnable Snack example.