Native module works on Android but not on ios with EAS build


I work on a managed workflow and have included and imported @react-native-firebase/dynamic-links inside of my project.

It works perfectly when I build a android apk with EAS build, but when I build the same project on ios I’m stuck with splash-screen (it seems to have been a error). Later on, when I commented off the library from the project’s file I then tested it again on ios the result were good and it worked, so the problem lies with the library.

In my app.json file I have included googleServicesFile for both Android and ios.

“ios”: {
“googleServicesFile”: “./GoogleService-Info.plist”
“android”: {
“googleServicesFile”: “./google-services.json”

I can’t understand the problem and think this issue could be dicussed here.

we don’t support including custom native modules in eas build for managed workflow apps yet. sorry :frowning: you can eject and configure it locally then build on eas build though!

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