EAS build for managed expo app with native modules

Hello all:

Reading the EAS docs it seems like as of March 15 2021 it is not possible to use EAS for managed workflow + native modules with Expo.

We are trying to take advantage of managed workflow where the developers can use JS and the Expo go app for local development.

Our application needs push notifications, we are looking at Pusher as the notification provider, which only provides a native modules for Android and iOS.

With that said, is what we want to achieve possible with EAS?


EAS doesn’t support the managed workflow yet, but we’re close to that milestone.

That being said- it sounds like the managed workflow and Classic builds would work for you for now. You can use expo-notifications and the Expo notification service (or any other service if all you need is the device push token)

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How close is close??? We’re launching our app the first week of April and really want to be able to include a tiny bit of native code from logrocket to use their session recording solution!! Hoping for some timely news from you guys on this!

Beta for it will launch probably around the first week of April, so that might be a little too late for your team :confused:

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That’s totally fine. We’ll just roll it whenever we can. We can do it as an OTA. We have a limited group of beta users for the first month or so :sunglasses:

Will 41 be released at the same time??

Thanks for the quick reply Charlie!

You can’t update native code with OTA Updates (that’s just for JS) :confused:

SDK 41 should be released around then too, yep

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Has the beta ye launched? So is EAS supporting managed workflow with any kind of react native module?

you can read about where we are now and what’s coming up next in this post: https://blog.expo.io/expo-managed-workflow-in-2021-d1c9b68aa10

here’s the post where we announced managed support for eas build: https://blog.expo.io/eas-build-april-preview-update-ebd7dff9dd25

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