My little Game Helper App Junimo!

For my first app I wanted to build something simple. An app to help users who play the game Stardew Valley. So I built a small little app to get my feet wet in Mobile development (I’m a professional Front-End dev)

I’m looking at over 1500 people who have my app installed which is mind blowing to me :smiley: Thank you so much for making it easy to build apps.

My next steps for this app will be to update it to be more useful (hence my SQL questions in the help area of the forums haha) I can’t wait to bring out a new update to see how those using the app likes it. Also think about monetization eventually :wink: or maybe leave that for a new app.

Thanks again Expo team.


awesome :slight_smile: can you share the Expo URL of it with us as well?

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Sure thing, It’s not listed but here is the link :slight_smile:

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