Multiple ios simulators


I’m testing some layouts on multiple simulators to see differences between different resolutions but when i change a style property like backgroundColor on a View, ios simulators are not correctly updated.
Whereas android’s simulators are good. If i take only one ios simulator, everything works as it should.
I’m using Iphone 12 pro max and ipad pro 5th gen 12.9"
Do you know why ?


This is not a problem with multiple simulators. I’ve been abused by weird behavior with hot reload…

Finally, i’m wrong again a little bit… and this issue is apparently not caused by Expo (maybe)
I’ve just read this stackoverflow question: Fast refresh in react native always fully reload the app - Stack Overflow
And in fact, this is not a hot reload but a full reload of the App.
On Android, i made a mistake believing that it was a hot reload but it was simply a full reload. (not obvious to remark but now i have an eye on it)
Notice that, when it full reloads on android, the modifications are taken into account immediately… So it confuses me.

Thanks for following up with your findings, @grean! :clap:

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