How to keep Expo from reloading when I'm building an app binary

Like many others I’m sure, I like to multitask a bit, and like to continue working on code changes as my apps are building (I’m often building a test build that I plan to push JS OTA updates to almost immediately). However, I notice when I’m building my ExpoKit apps for iOS and Android (as in the binary build using the native tools), if I have expo start running and streaming to an already built debug copy on my simulator, that simulator instance will reload many times while my iOS or Android build is running.

I tried adding android and ios to the ignore_dirs in .watchmanconfig per .e.g,:

  "ignore_dirs": ["ios", "android"]

But that didn’t do anything. Are the iOS and Android builds affecting any other folders that could trigger a reload, or is Expo not considering .watchmanconfig, or something else?


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