Multiple apps using the same EAS update url

We have a use case where we want to have a whitelabeled version of our app. In essence, the difference will be the overall branding, app name, id and developer account (so app.json is different between apps) but the JavaScript code is the same across apps.

I wonder if it’s possible to have multiple apps pointing out to the same update URL so I only need to eas update once and that will reflect other apps.

Thank you

Hi @circleco, it’s not possible to use the same update URL for multiple apps since the manifest in Expo config (app.json file) is unique to each project.

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Thanks for your answer @amanhimself.

I understand that. So even 2 apps with 2 different app.json files but with the same updates.url won’t work? Did I get it right?

Thanks again

Yes. Each will listen to its own channel.

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